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Commodore 64 Games System

The Commodore 64 Game System was introduced by Commodore Computer Systems in 1990 to make benefit from the console market of those days. Commodore 64 Games System used cartridge based technology and was based on Commodore 64 personal computer which revolutionized the personal computer industry. However, Commodore 64 Games System couldn't make a huge commercial impact in the market.

One of the major reasons behind this is the lack of video game titles offered by Commodore 64. This is mainly because most of the video game developing companies were not convinced with the capabilities of Commodore 64 as a successful video game console for personal computer market. One of the game makers who supported Commodore 64 was Ocean Software with a lot of titles that was playable on Commodore 64.

Ocean even offered some Commodore 64 titles that were computable only to Commodore 64 which had a lot of features that were not available on cassette based games of those days. There were a lot of titles that were offered by Ocean Softwares to Commodore 64. One of the reasons which couldn't make these games an impact on audiences is most likely that these games were the direct clones of their cassette based versions.

So even after being a PC based game, these games were not featuring major graphical advancements. One more important thing is that Commodore 64 Game System never tried to release newer titles that are based on their gaming console. The lack of available options was a problem which made several game enthusiasts stay away from the brand.

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