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Commodore 64 Game System

Since Commodore was one of the first brands who tried its hand in Digital video gaming, they faced a lot of software related problems.

One of such issues was that a lack of keyboard on the gaming console. Even though Commodore 64 came up with some advanced software, it left the user with no or limited access to them because there was no interface which allowed a user to access the software. Commodore 64 also failed to become a successful video game because they couldn't deliver what they promised.

They promised at least 100 titles shortly after the release of Commodore 64 game console but left the players only with 28. Out of the 28 titles that were compatible with Commodore 64, most of them were the polished older versions and the new titles were largely developed by Ocean software. The poor preparation from Commodore to fight with market giants like Sega and Nintendo is a reason for their failure.

Sega and Nintendo were already offering advanced 16 bit technology and Commodore decided to fight with them by releasing a 8 bit computer system. There was a lot of software issues associated with Commodore 64 and the issues became worse when they couldn't launch a variety of titles. Commodore has a great role in revolutionizing the home computer market with their Commodore 64 personal computer system. This even gave them a good fan base. But with the game console, the company couldn't live up to the expectation of its enthusiasts.

Amiga 32

Commodore's Amiga 32 was the first 32 bit game system to be introduced in Western Europe and Canada. After their failure with Commodore 64 gaming system, they managed to make a strong comeback with Amiga 32. In fact, Amiga 32 received a warm reception in United Kingdom and other European courtiers where Amiga 32 generated much larger sales than some of the major Japanese rival brands.

One of the major advantage that Amiga 32 had that this video game system had every features of a computer and was very easy to turn into a computer if you purchase a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. This multi functionality added spice to the sales and brought a huge interest into Amiga 32. Amiga 32 was a huge advancement in technology and was the most advanced video game console during its release.

Commodore literally didn't have any competitors for Amiga 32 in terms of technical specifications and performance. However, the company's financial situation was pretty bad by this time and they were not able to meet the huge customer demand in terms of production. This left Commodore with no way to avoid bankruptcy and finally, Amiga 32 was discontinued only few months after its release.

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