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World information technology changed our life completely. Computer and electronic devices opened new abilities for people in their everyday activity. People do not only use them as workstations but most of them were adjusted for entertainment, especially games.
Upcoming industries began development and this attracted video games. First very simple games appeared and they attracted our attention very much. They captured our leisure time and changed the day schedule. Our spare time was fully reorganized.
Earlier we walked outdoors, met friends, played active sport games and spent a lot of time in the country now it is totally the contrary. We are sitting by play stations and PCs and enjoy video games. This tendency captured all ages and professions. The years passed and the manufacturers created very modern and highly demanded game devices. New functions were set up in consoles and updated characteristics were invented: new video resolution, fresh and bright colors, multi functions, 3D capabilities.

The play stations competed with PC games on a high level. Home video games became a very profitable business. They turned into international industry. Many companies involved in production of software, designing the form and construction of consoles, spare parts, accessories.
Everything is done with only one purpose which was to give maximum entertainment to customers and make their life more full and satisfied.
The main idea was to create functional game consoles which should be simple to use and realize most of necessary tasks. Very convenient console enabled the user to choose the most comfortable place in the room to settle and play games. It permitted the whole family to be involved in the game and spend more time together sharing interests and preferences.

New tendency towards the entertainment devices demands improvement of all characteristics and creating additional functional capabilities. The engineers expanded the possibilities of consoles to play music, enter world net, make photos and communicate with different people. New consoles included most of contemporary characteristics that is like touch screen, WI FI, voice recognition etc. They inherited the best solutions from the previous models and added advanced possibilities. The combination of high quality graphic and sound raised the delight of usage to another top stage. They enable to individualize the personal experience in games and communication.
The consoles are added by the cams, the improved quality of playing music and higher internet speed. Memory is supported by memory cards SD. The displays match new demands to qualitative characteristics towards precise picture. Digital surround sound provides excellent music records. The battery enables long work period. The game controllers permit to define the position in 3D space and create a feedback to the user. It modified the total approach to game itself.
The user involves in all game developments and can communicate with the other fans and discuss the problems and their achievements on different stages. The possibility to connect the controllers to different accessories expands all advanced characteristics. The possibility to open online tournaments with friends enables to enjoy the game from any part of the world. Your global ID permit to enter various games and competitions. It gives the possibility to create personal materials, personal world and share it with the other users. You may get the top result in your favorite game and be recognized as an expert in it. It fulfills our sense of acknowledgement.

More features of gaming consoles

Another interesting feature opens new horizon for play consoles. Watching movies shows how the engineers match the necessity of people to obtain the best service. New consoles give the access to different information devices. Such devices submit video and sound; the console receives and plays it.

You can enter your playstation store via your console and get exclusive software, video and promo games. You can talk with your friends during playing your favorite games, exchange the opinions and be active in all aspects. It performs a strong feeling of unity with the whole world forgetting boundaries and distances. Your skills and experience depend only upon your own desire and your interests.

All elements of consoles are adjusted to the fast feedback of the system and convenient forms of materials. Speed and mathematical power point are provided by up-to-date technological solutions. Now game consoles are not only game devices but they are real multimedia centers. They match all desires of users who want to satisfy any request.

The buttons are ergonomically gauged to get the maximum effect of contact. They are adjusted to any functional use depending upon the game. Their material enables sensible touch and answers any change in game activity. Convenient disposal of all buttons gives the fastest reaction and suggests an adequate feedback of the system.

The design of modern consoles completely changed from their first creation. The sizes are calculated mathematically to gain the perfect comfort. All details are tested to improve the usage. Their energy consumption significantly reduced significantly. Most consoles changed batteries for modern accumulators. The usage period became longer and more stable. Memory characteristics enable to maintain very sophisticated games. According to some features the consoles leave behind the computers. <
Most of them are portable and you can take them into your trip and enjoy anywhere, in the forest, on the sea side, in the airplanes.Some of the consoles are compatible that they are easy to take and put into little bags.

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